Monday, 23 May 2011

Huddersfield, London, Weston-super-Mare: Everybody's talkin' about Trout Music

I just wanted to say a big, big, thank you for the fuzzy warm glow that is emanating from the very depths of my soul as a result of the three, "Roger's trout Farm, return" gigs

Thanks to everyone who made an effort. Thanks to those who wanted to but couldn't.

Thanks to the venues: The Parish in Huddersfield; The Wilmington Arms in London;  The Back Bar in Weston-super-Mare. 

Thanks to all the friends, from school; from college; from work; from bands; from gigs; from families; wherever you are from, however we met you, for taking time out from your busy lives to come and be part of our return.

Thanks to Davan Caravan's, Leading the way in Caravans and Motor homes for 75 years, for the rehearsal space.

Thanks to everyone who left comments posted pictures and videos on facebook, youtube, courier pigeon and all the other places.

Thanks because I felt 17 again, thanks because it was amazing, fun, stupid and great. You were all an essential part of that. Thanks for the best 40th birthday present anyone could have given me.

Thanks mostly to four great friends. Friends that no amount of loafs and fishes could buy: James, Paul, Steve and Fraser.

Ahhh Big Hug!

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Agnew the publicist

Going through the many ancient RTF artefacts from days of yore, I stumbled upon this stunning piece of prose - unknown to us at the time, it seems our drummer (Mr James Agnew) was actually our secret spokesman and most rampant publicist. As well as the mysterious 'sales' video you may have seen earlier in this blog, it seems he was busy trying out his Mum's new wordprocessor at every opportunity to spread the band's infamy. (you may have to magnify this picture to witness the true literary genius!)


When Roger's trout Farm were starting out I was still learning to be a designer, I was so precious about every mark I made on a sheet of paper. I took months to design anything. So when it came to posters it was both frustrating and liberating working with the others.

I'd go to Steve and Paul's to talk about how we could represent the band visually, how we could design a logo to reach our target demographic, maximizing connection with the audience, and they'd say, look, I've cut my head up and made it into a totem pole. Damn it! it looked great too.

Our main weapons of choice were photocopier, paintbrush and glue. We just made what came into our heads. I suppose we were doing a similar thing musically and that's why it worked so well (most of the time)

Once we made the posters we had to put them around town but flyposting is another story.

The Classic, "Paul Totem pole head" design and our first gig, proper 1990

Re-made in photoshop for the re-union gigs 2011
The Classic fish tank design, We used this for Posters, Demos and T-shirts
Steve, "Flower head" Design. Did we really make a life size photocopy Steve for this gig?
Slogans were not even popular within the band, I still like this one. We were in trouble with several of our Mums for adopting the slogan, "The Name on Everyone's Tits" Offending poster not included, in case Mums are reading
Returning to these posters has brought back some great memories, remaking the posters with Photoshop was fun but in the end I had to, get a real paintbrush out.