Friday, 5 March 2010

A Handy (Not Handy) Guide To The Sound Of The Trout Farm

Snips: "I'm going to need more help than most, I've got no idea what I was playing, I may have been masquerading as a musician all these years but I'm about to be exposed and not in the trouser department."

No part of the illustrious Roger's Trout Farm back catalogue exists in web-friendly form as yet. I expect we will sort this out over the coming weeks but until we do, if you've no idea what manner of a thing Roger's Trout Farm is, musically speaking, here's a song by Acoustic Ladyland which all five of us agree has a certain air of Trout to it. It's called 'Sport Mode'

James Agnew: "I wouldn't be surprised if that was actually us and it's one of the many things I've forgotten."

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