Sunday, 7 March 2010

Paul Spots A Problem

Email From Paul - 6th March 2010

Hello there everyone!

I look away for a couple of days and suddenly I have 27 emails to sift through with RE: RE: RE: Roger's Trout Farm in the subject title. I can see that this whole adventure is going to be long, painstaking, arduous - and of course lots and lots of fun!

This blog is great. My memory juice is lubricating my thoughts as I write! There are so many brilliantly bizarre facets to what we did and how we managed to do it and the fact that it is all intrinsically linked to the world of caravan sales just makes the story even more of a high-octane ride through memory lane.

My main difficulty in re-learning these songs is going to be that I don't own a soprano or alto sax any more. I've got a bloody big baritone sax instead! I'm going to have to either borrow or steal one. I actually sold my soprano to get the baritone sax about fifteen years ago because I was starting to sound like Kenny G and coupled with the dodgy long curly hair I was venturing into some seriously uncool musical territory.

Before selling the soprano sax we had to get it mended as one of the last Trout Farm gigs in Bristol ended up with a precariously balanced tenor sax falling off a keyboard and nearly splitting it in half. Soprano saxes are supposed to be long and straight and this one resembled a large brass banana after that gig.

I can't wait to hear the rest of our output - it is going to be very interesting to see how we all progressed individually and as a group towards our ultimate demise!


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