Friday, 15 October 2010

Getting old is great right?

Getting old is great right, oh hold on, no getting old is crap, Oh I can't remember any more. Anyway come March 2011 I hit 40.

I've always had this idea that I would have a Birthday party with live music from some of the bands I've been in.

When I started discussing this with old band mates I wasn't greeted with quite as much horror or resistance as I anticipated. In fact Steven Morricone suggested going further back in "band time" than I had thought could be tolerated.

When we were young and our life's were just an open copy of the NME, we were in a band called, Roger's trout Farm. We soaked up every musical influence like a sponge and created something that at times sounded like five dueling instruments and at other times just wrong.

We simply were not afraid to make music the way we wanted to. Everything went in, no editing, no fear. That's what I love most about those days we weren't trying to storm the charts, or make tonnes of money. We were making music for the sake of making music. It was exciting and enormously educating. Discovering new music, hearing classics for the first time feeling like you discovered it, being inspired to create your own music without the fear of failure or error. Thanks Steve for the suggestion, I hope the reality is as brilliant as the memories the idea has uncovered.

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