Friday, 15 October 2010

Paul Morricone: Saxophone, Vocals and later, Guitar

The saxophones were another unique string to our odd shaped bow, not everyone's cup of tea mind, but certainly ours.

However, I do remember Paul complaining that he couldn't really bring a song to the band without writing on the guitar, which he hadn't learnt at the time. He insisted that songs couldn't be written for a band on the saxophone alone and then proved himself wrong when he wrote a song called, 'Wow! that shirt' entirely on saxophone, which remains one of my favourites.

We all wrote songs and could be quite unforgiving about each others work. Thankfully this didn't put Paul off. If anything I think it made him more determined.

The first song Paul's brought to the band, completely of his own writing was called, "Mr Gland". He guided it in to the rehearsal like his first born child and it skidded and scrambled around the floor in it's own urine like a new born giraffe, Paul holding its legs willing it to walk. But that was it, he was off. He bought a guitar, learnt how to play it and in what seemed like no time at all, totally eclipsed our song writing abilities, Both him and Steve churning out great song after song.

Paul has developed the envious skill of being able to place the listener in the song, making them feel connected, like they are being sung to, Genius!

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